Sunday, February 17, 2008

Random Cuteness

Stacking Rings... $15
Play Mat... $35
Looking your best and knowing it? Priceless

Our little Alfalfa
(and yes I had to google to know how to spell that one!)

Taking a nap with Grandpa

The first time she wore barrettes. Sadly she refused to let me get a picture of the actual barrette since she kept turning her head to smile at the camera

Our New Room

Since Nate and I moved into the house with the purple shutters we've spent countless hours discussing our various decorating projects and the order in which we would tackle them. For the sake of convienance the bonus room was the first to be completed. Just to give you an idea, we still don't even have a bed frame in our room, just a mattrass on the floor, a $50 dresser and two end tables with the formica melted off, presumably during an unfortunate lighter incident.

It's so nice to have a room done, albiet without pictures or curtains up, and we've already spent hours up there. Addy especially loves having that low window that she can look out and even christened the place by eating a bug off the carpet. Now only 279 more projects to go!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Valentine Cookies

At a certain point in your life you start to get the urge to do "Mom" type things. My most recent urge was to bake valentines cookies. I realize that Ayden doesn't eat sugar and would never be able to eat one but the heart wants what the heart wants!! I went to the store, got everything I would need and prepared to tackle my next Mom project.

Everything was going swimmingly until I realized, I hadn't purchased a cookie cutter. No heart shapes, arrows or cupids to be found. Fortunately my Mom had gotten me a joke cookie cutter for Christmas. One that at the time I swore would never be used in the Stewart House. Since I was up to my elbows in dough and hadn't been able to convince Nate to run to the store I caved. So here you go, my first embarrasing foray into holiday cookies. Mom and Dad will be so proud :)