Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A year old?!?!

I can't believe our sweet baby is a year old. It literally feels like a couple of weeks ago that she was a tiny, red, bundled up wad that slept all the time. How quickly it went. We have pictures of her actual Birthday but Nate hasn't had a chance to do the red eye magic thing so we're going to save that post for another day. These are some of her favorite things at one year. Next year she'll probably want to drive the car and wear makeup. Must remember these cute innocent days.

Her Nana got her a rocking elephant for her birthday. She likes riding him but LOVES talking to him. They've had some pretty extensive conversations
If you push the elephants ear it makes this trumpeting sound. Linda and I both think it sounds more like one of those scary Halloween dummies that screams. Right after this picture was taken I pushed the ear and it startled her so badly she fell off. We don't do the ear thing anymore :)

If I need a few minutes of peace all I have to do is put a paper towel on the couch. She'll crawl right over, pull herself up and spend several minutes tearing it into tiny little pieces. The only problem with this game is that she then tries to feed the paper towel pieces to the dog. Wouldn't be an issue if the dog wasn't stupid enough to actually eat them!!

Her new fascination is bubbles. Can't get enough of them. She'll pull the bubbles out of her toy box and hold up the bottle until someone starts blowing them for her. We've blown so many bubbles in the last few weeks that we had to buy her a bubble gun. We were getting out of breath.

She spent days before this picture trying to catch one. We got the cheap ones at Big Lots so they pop pretty easily

Needless to say she gets quite upset when they do pop!!


This was actually Addy's second Easter. Of course she was only 2 weeks old the first time so we were a little more aware of what was going on this time! She did get to experience her first carton of Cascarones. In South Texas and Mexico its a tradition to fill Easter eggs with confetti and break them over peoples heads. It's meant to bring good luck. Mom sends a carton to all our cousins with kids and this was the first year that we got included! I think Nate and I had more fun with them, Addy was pretty much just confused but at least she'll have good luck this year!! We're also hoping the dye on the eggs isn't toxic since Wednesday the wonder weenie ate quite a few of the shells.

Notice the monk haircut? I told you it was bad!!

We also did Easter lunch at Nate's grandparents. Addy LOVED her first Easter basket. All of the eggs were filled with puffs (2008 version of cheerios). I emptied the puffs into Tupperware and put the empty eggs in her playroom as toys. Every couple of days I catch her prying one of the eggs open and licking the puff dust out :)

A Weekend of First's

Addy's birthday and Easter fell within a week of each other this year. Saturday before Easter we figured it was time for that first haircut. So we loaded up the Adster in her forward facing car seat for the first time and hit the road! Babies have to be 20 pounds and one year old before they can face forward. We hit the 20 pound mark several months ago and have been waiting impatiently for that one year mark.

That girl loves facing forward now! I have just about driven off the road a couple of times looking at her in the rear view mirror. I love being able to see her face. She points at everything out the window and just babbles away. She looks like such a big girl now

Snipping that first beautiful lock

She did great getting her hair cut, no fussing or head jerking with this one!! Of course the haircut was horrible and she ended up looking like a monk but she can pull it off. I was more traumatized than anyone and for some reason mourned that baby hair for several days. It needed to be done though, her bangs kept poking her in the eyes and she had a strange mullet thing going on in the back


Back in the day Nate and I used to take a good vacation every year. For obvious reasons we haven't been on vacation in a couple of years. We decided it was time to suck it up, leave the baby for a week and enjoy some time away. So we called some friends from Austin, packed up the ski clothes and headed to Snowshoe West Virginia. It had been a good 15 years since either of had skied but thankfully we picked it up pretty quickly and had a great time!! It is absolutely beautiful up there. I bit it, hard, the second day and messed up my knee pretty badly. But like I told Nate, sitting in a cushy hotel room watching movies is STILL better than being at work.

We'll definitely be going back. There were little three year olds smoking us down the trails so as soon as the wonder baby can walk unassisted we're going to go back and see if we can make a snow bunny out of her.

The resort was at the top of the mountain so in the morning it was a 15 second walk to the snow, strap on the skis and hit a trail.

Our camera battery died so we did really badly on the picture front. This is one of two that even includes people. The other one is of Nate scratching his butt and drinking coffee in the hotel room so I spared you all :)

Snow Day

We got to enjoy TWO snow day's this year. A phenomenon rarely experienced in Nashville.

Mommy and Addy trying out their cold weather garb

Addy sat in front of the door and watched the snow falling all day. It cracks me up that this was taken on a snow day. Note the lack of any snow on the ground. Only in Tennessee :)

The view from our back deck. Nothing to write home about but since it was enough to get Addy out of school and Mommy out of work we were happy!!


No question marks in that title! She is crawling, full stop. I fell asleep one night with a cuddly sweet baby and woke up with a full blown toddler. And of course the second she mastered the crawling thing she also mastered pulling up and creeping.

This new skill also allowed me to experience the most terrifying 15 minutes of my life. I have been so used to setting her down in the living room when I have to run to another room. Other than her screaming "Mama, Mama, Mama" non-stop the whole time it worked well. I always knew she would be sitting in the exact same spot waiting for me. Until a couple of weeks ago. I came back into the living room, no Addy. Looked in the kitchen (she loves the garbage can) no Addy. I double checked our bedroom, no Addy. Under the piano in the dog's bed? No Addy. Her bed room? The spare room? No Addy, no Addy. I was starting to panic, our house isn't THAT big and I had looked everywhere she could feasibly crawl. I had even checked outside and upstairs. No Addy!!!! Finally, seconds from calling the cops to report a very quiet, very quick kidnapper I heard a little voice triumphantly call MAMA! That little toot was hiding behind the bed in the spare room happily chewing on a hair bow. I'm several years older and we learned a very important lesson, keep a bell on the baby :)

Catching Up

We have been very bad about blogging regularly, especially considering how much has happened the last few months! So many firsts for the Adster, a nice vacation for Mommy and Daddy, 2 major holidays and more funny going's on than you can imagine. I'll try and remember everything chronologically but as you other Mommies will understand, sometimes, the mind, she is not so good :)