Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Third Foodie

Anyone who knows Nate and I knows that we are die-hard foodies. We love to try new things and are always the first to dive into a strange new dish. The more eclectic the better! Obviously we've tried to introduce Addy to as many of those same foods as we can. And let me tell you this kid is weird.

She HATES sugar of any kind. In fact give her a cookie and she'll gag and spit it out on the floor. She never had a bite of her first birthday cake, we totally faked the picture by smearing cake on her face. And the list of foods she does like is even stranger for your typical 20 month old. In the interest of remembering as my brain gets feebler and feebler I decided to write down the list of things she's loved so far
- Hummus
- Salt and Vinegar potato chips, I gave her one of those hoping to get a great face out of her and instead created a monster.
- Artichoke hearts
- Steamed carrots, she eats so many steamed carrots I'm afraid she might turn orange. In fact who has heard of a kid that considers extra carrots a treat?
- Pasta covered in creamed spinach
-Blue cheese, both in dressing form and consumed straight. I almost fell out of my chair when I caught her sneaking chunks of blue cheese off my plate at the restaurant
- Mushrooms
- Gorgonzola, the strange thing is she won't touch cheddar cheese (especially not those digusting slices that aren't even cheese) but LOVES the stinky french cheeses
- Baked pita chips
- Salad, what kid likes salad! I didn't like salad until high school at least
- Black olives
- Sushi, not sashimi though, we're not that bad. But I don't think its going to be a big leap for her. As soon as the doctor okays the raw fish I have a feeling she'll jump right in
-Balsamic vinaigrette dressing
- Asparagus
I'm sure that list will grow as time goes on and I can't wait to let her try more and more stuff. Is it to early for Pho? Ethiopian food? A little fufu and sauce!!! Thank goodness we didn't get a picky eater! Well not in the normal sense. She'll get stuck and only eat one thing for awhile but unlike normal kids she gets stuck on things like grilled fish and broccoli, or chicken and peas. No chicken fingers, hot dogs or french fries in our house!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Patch #1

This was Addy's first trip to the pumpkin patch with Nana and Papaw. Obviously NOT a fan of the hay bale. This is the prime reason we skipped the hay ride at pumpkin patch #2.

Cutest little pumpkin ever!!

I love this expression, and we see it a lot. I imagine in her head she's saying "What do you want you crazy people?!?"

Nana always finds the cutest handmade holiday outfits. I swear both times she's worn this dress people have fallen over themselves when they see her.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pumpkin Patch #2

This was Addy's second trip to the pumpkin patch but because I can't remember Linda's snapfish login I'm going to post them out of chronological order. Since I post everything weeks late anyway it's not like anyone is going to notice!

We drove out to the rich people's part of Nashville and went to the good pumpkin patch. It really was a neat set up, they had two barns the kids could run around in, tire swings, little log cabins, hay rides and all kinds of other activities.

One of the barns had a hay bale maze set up inside. Addy ran right in and kept up with the bigger kids.

Her favorite part BY FAR, were the corn bins. She could have poured and sifted corn for 3 hours. And trust me, she wanted to.

In fact every time we tried to move on she would break out in heartbroken tears, weeping for the corn. Of course as a typical toddler she was fine once we were out of sight.

Addy really wanted to pet the goats but I guess that's a pretty big insurance liability.

Case in point!

Not crazy about the chickens and turkey. They were pretty mean too, squawking and nipping at the chicken wire. Could it be hundreds of kids running around screaming and throwing feed at their heads upset them? Surely not

Ah corn, much better.

Yes, we're horrible dragging her away from the corn again . As Nate put it $12 is a lot to spend for 3 hours of corn fun.

Seriously, I don't care about a corn field maze in the shape of a giant cow, or a nature walk. I just want to play in the corn.

She really did enjoy the corn maze though. No lasting scars. Although we did have trouble with the concept of a path. She kept fording right through the corn like she was on a Lewis and Clark expedition

A pumpkin just her size. Although at this point of the afternoon the nap is calling.

That's all Folks!

Around the House

The first time we put Addy's costume on she freaked out, pulling at it and turning in circles looking at the wings.
The fact that we got two pictures without screamy face speaks to the power a camera holds over her.
A few nights ago Addy grabbed a lunch bag and bear and walked to the front door calling "Bye, Bye!"
I don't know if she just got confused or really likes school.

After the 1st pumpkin patch. I learned an important lesson that night. Don't wash a shirt that still has a pumpkin patch sticker on it. Poops McGee

6 and 0!!!!!!!!!

Yeah so if you haven't heard our Titans are 6 and 0!!!!!! And the only undefeated team in the NFL. Going to the game is always awesome but even more so when we're winning!!!!

We had the chance to go to the game against the Vikings several weeks ago where we trounced them!!!! It was a thing of beauty made even better by the fact that we were surrounded by trash talking Vikings fans who quickly had to eat their words.

Lance and Jess got the tickets and let us tag along. Now those are friends!! As usual we screamed, yelled, made fools of ourselves and had a great time!

We've been fans for 10 years, and stuck with them through thick and thin. And boy is it nice to finally be having a winning season! 10 years has finally paid off!

This picture has no point, other than the fact that I love the Batman building on the far left. We've moved away from Nashville several times and every time we come back, either to live or visit the Batman building is the first landmark I look for when we drive into town.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Random Cuteness

This is now officially my favorite picture of Addy. We were at Walmart and Nate ran into an old friend from high school. To kill time while he chatted Addy and I tried on all the glasses. We got some dirty looks and were eventually asked to leave but it was totally worth it to get this picture. I'm pretty sure my Mom had these exact same glasses around 1986.
A lazy morning. Sadly this was also a week day and we were wicked late to work. I couldn't wake them up though, they looked so sweet.
Playing in the yard and wearing every color of the rainbow. Gotta love laundry day!! You can't see but she was also wearing purple shoes, just to complete the total lack of coordinating colors.
Addy LOVES to carry her lunch bag. In fact, heaven help the person who doesn't let her carry it to the car and into school. She starts yelling BAG, BAG the second we get ready to leave and clutches it to her chest in the car seat.

Showing off her pretty new dress.