Friday, September 26, 2008

The Definition of Irony

Last night, after 12 long weeks, was my last physical therapy session!! It's been a painful road, and I have to keep working out my knee at home on my own. But at three times a week and a $20 co-pay per session for the last 3 months I was THRILLED to finally be done.

When I got home I picked up the mail and started looking though it. At the very bottom of the stack was a brochure and a discount from Snowshoe inviting us to plan our Ski trip for this year. AS IF!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Future Blackmail

I couldn't resist. Even mad and pitching a fit she's cute. I believe I had just taken away the remote control. Heaven forbid!!


Needless to say we're quite happy to have a camera again and have taken a lot of random pictures just to fill the gap of the last few months.
Daddy and Addy playing. He can always get her cracking up

Waving bye-bye before she runs away from home. She is also obviously a daughter of mine. Not many people can walk barefoot on agragate, especially with tender baby feet. She has no problems. Nate will limp his way to the mailbox while Addy runs full out across the rocks without a whimper. That also resulted in her worst injury ever. She fell on the agragate the other day and cut her head open. Not only was their blood everywhere but a goose egg the size of golf ball. We took a picture but its so gruesome and disgusting that I decided not to share.

I'm not really sure what's she's looking at here but it cracked me up. She kept looking at the rabbits butt and then laughing. I really wonder what goes through her mind sometimes.

She's still such a poser. Pull a camera out and she looks up and smiles adorably. I don't understand how two totally un-photogenic people can spawn such a camera hog.

I think it may be time for a toy purge. The living room is being overrun and Nate is notorious for kicking the loudest toys in the middle of the night and setting them off.
Funny side note : The school bus push toy has a button where a bunch of little kids start laughing, very children of the corn. Earlier this week we were in the living room watching TV and kept hearing this creepy laughing. The toy had gotten left out in the rain and must have gotten a short since it kept setting off randomly. We were pretty creeped out until we figured out what was going on.

Addy loves to go into her room and take everything out of the drawers, item by item. Thankfully she also likes putting everything back so we let her go crazy.

Mimi gave us a great wheelbarrow with little gardening tools. I doubt this was what she meant the wheelbarrow to be used for but Addy loves putting all her stuffed animals in there. And seriously, who can resist that face :)

Don't you love her emo look? The hair just gets shaggier and shaggier but I'm afraid to trim it. I'm convinced that any day now she'll wake up and have lovely flowing girl locks.

Riding her school bus outside in the driveway

One of the perks of living in such a hilly place. She'd push the school bus up to the top of the driveway and race back down it a hundred times a day if we let her. I try to get her to go from side to side so she's not hurtling down at breakneck speed towards the cars but she's an adrenaline junkie I guess. She prefers the possibility that she'll slam into a muffler at the end.

The Wedding Dance

Addy's newest love is dancing. She dances to everything, cartoons, music on the radio, Mommy and Daddy singing. She loves to dance. A few weeks ago we went to a friends wedding and saw the extent of dance fever in action.

As is often the case at weddings people were hesitant to get out on the dance floor. No such qualms for Addy! She was out in the middle of an empty dance floor getting down! She also kept trying to touch the violinist's bow. Thankfully Uncle Lance was quick and averted that disaster.

I love that at that age there is no shame or embarrassment. I wonder when that ends?

I don't know why Nate always makes that sideways leering face. We're hoping they make pills for it :)

I missed the full shot but Addy kept going up to the wedding photographers and posing in front of them. They obliged every time by giggling and taking her picture. I'm sure Vanessa is going to wonder why there are 45 shots of Addy in her wedding album.

Addy and her Aunt Kristy. Interesting side note there. Kristy is my sister in law. She is also an MK, her mom and aunts and uncles grew up in Africa and went to ICA, my Alma mater. We also share the same birthday, January 26. Talk about a weird coincidence!! Nate always jokes with Lance and tells him to get his own wife and stop copying.

Addy and Papaw sharing some cheerios. Papaw was the one that taught her the trick of holding out a cheerio to share and then snatching it away right when the other person trys to grab it. It makes her laugh hysterically every time. When she gets really tickled she snorts. I'm sure she'll hate the snorting later on in life but at the moment it's the funniest thing I've ever heard.