Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Wedding Dance

Addy's newest love is dancing. She dances to everything, cartoons, music on the radio, Mommy and Daddy singing. She loves to dance. A few weeks ago we went to a friends wedding and saw the extent of dance fever in action.

As is often the case at weddings people were hesitant to get out on the dance floor. No such qualms for Addy! She was out in the middle of an empty dance floor getting down! She also kept trying to touch the violinist's bow. Thankfully Uncle Lance was quick and averted that disaster.

I love that at that age there is no shame or embarrassment. I wonder when that ends?

I don't know why Nate always makes that sideways leering face. We're hoping they make pills for it :)

I missed the full shot but Addy kept going up to the wedding photographers and posing in front of them. They obliged every time by giggling and taking her picture. I'm sure Vanessa is going to wonder why there are 45 shots of Addy in her wedding album.

Addy and her Aunt Kristy. Interesting side note there. Kristy is my sister in law. She is also an MK, her mom and aunts and uncles grew up in Africa and went to ICA, my Alma mater. We also share the same birthday, January 26. Talk about a weird coincidence!! Nate always jokes with Lance and tells him to get his own wife and stop copying.

Addy and Papaw sharing some cheerios. Papaw was the one that taught her the trick of holding out a cheerio to share and then snatching it away right when the other person trys to grab it. It makes her laugh hysterically every time. When she gets really tickled she snorts. I'm sure she'll hate the snorting later on in life but at the moment it's the funniest thing I've ever heard.

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Joslin3 said...

You're not the only ones happy you got a camera :)