Thursday, July 10, 2008

ACL Reconstruction

The day I've hinted at several times is upon us. The day I've been dreading and looking forward to since March. The day of ACL reconstruction surgery. And it's tomorrow.

You might not know but I don't have the best track record medically. In fact if there is a one in a million chance of something going wrong it will happen to me. I'm going in for an ACL reconstruction but I've prepared myself for possible amputation, surgery on the wrong knee, even the wrong medical procedure altogether. Prostate exam anyone? I believe in preparing for the worst and being pleasantly surprised.

I've got the best man in the world taking care of me at home, some incredible pain pills and a baby girl who can cuddle when I'm feeling really bad so everything should be all right. It will just be a long and painful week. So for those of you who's sites I visit on a daily basis (ok twice a day) that's where I am. Stuck at home, hopped up on pain killers with a wireless router that just gave out and no internet. I'll be back in a couple of weeks! I promise! With an play by play of what went wrong and hopefully a quickly recovering knee :)

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4marines said...

will be praying for you, and of course hoping for the best (coming out with two working legs, a healing knee, and nice drugs :-) )