Thursday, June 26, 2008

No Pictures for Awhile

Sadly while we were in North Carolina at the beach Addy got ahold of my camera. Apparently opening and retracting the zoom lens while burying the camera in the sand messes them up? Who knew. Anyway we were lucky to get the pictures out of the camera but that was all she wrote. Thankfully we have this wonderful thing at Dell called airpoints. Sell specific items = earn more airpoints = trade those airpoints in for prizes. We already have a TV and a vacuum from airpoints and if Nate can just sell a few more printers I'll have a new Nikon D60. The big daddy of digital camera's. The camera I've been coveting for some time now.

I hate that there will be this gap in Addy's life with no pictures. Especially since she is now WALKING! That's right, walking like a fiend and Mommy has no photographic evidence.

So if anyone needs a couple of server switches......... :)


eagleton4 said...

Yay! That's so exciting that she's walking! You'll definitely have to get one of those little disposable cameras until you get the "real thing." Sorry about the camera- I know ours is next, it's already been dropped in the lake, stepped on, thrown, dropped in pancake batter and used as a weapon by both of my kids. :)

William said...

I feel your pain on the camera. My daily hikes with Trey mean I don't pay as much attention to my gear as I used to. I lost my favorite lens on a recent hiking trip as I juggled changing lens and keep my son from plunging into a creek.

so it goes...