Thursday, August 28, 2008

End of Summer

It's finally starting to feel like the end of summer around here. Addy is back at school after a great summer staying with her Nana during the day and we've had some nice cool gloomy days
To celebrate I stole all of my mother in law's pictures from over the summer,
since someone (who will remain unnamed) broke our camera at the beach. Thanks to that there has been a huge gap in pictures of the wonder baby. Thankfully grandparents are notorious picture takers so I present the Nana photo dump!!

Playing with Coco. Well poking Coco in the ear, but she doesn't seem to mind

Perfecting her innocent "What!?" look

Hanging out at Great Grandmomma's house

The jury is still out on whether or not she's going to get Mommy's squinty eyes. Based on this picture I'd say she's in for a future of hearing

"Smile! Ok, now open your eyes, Ok Smile! Can you smile AND open your eyes?"

Addy and Coco are HUGE friends. In fact Coco is one of the words she can say right now. Normally proceeded by "NO!"

Yes, we're going through a transitional growing our hair phase right now. It's coming along though!

We've really gotten into reading lately, YEAH!!! I signed her up for a program in TN where Dolly Parton (yes I know, we do live in TN) will send her a free book every month till she's 5. It's an amazing program designed to foster a love of books in young children. Just in time too, if I have to read 5 Little Duckings to many more times I may go insane

Playing dress up. One of our new infatuations is purses. She can hardly walk across the room without a purse slung over her arm

Go to grandmomma's, get pretty and then apparently knock a few back :)

Nate is a little jaded about the kiddie pool these days. There was an incident earlier this summer that involved our kiddie pool, the Adster and a very large poo that Nate didn't know about. I'll spare you the gory details but let's just say that poo left in a diaper in the water tends to dissolve and create POO WATER!! Those were the words I heard being screamed at me as I was running errands. "She's covered in poo water!! (gag) Poo Water Mary!! Come HOME!!!" He was less that impressed when I doubled over in laughter, started crying and then told him he would have to deal with it lui meme.

Going to see the ducks with Papaw

In short it's been a great summer. Addy is getting so big, learning new stuff everyday and getting to be quite the little character. Hopefully we'll have a new camera very soon and my plan for the fall is to get at least 1 family picture that doesn't make one or all of us look like an eejit. I can guarantee at least two of us will have our eyes closed though :)


Marshall Ministries said...

great pics, it's fun to watch little Addy growing! Can't wait to see that famille picture :-)

eagleton4 said...

Wow, she is SUCH a mini-Mary. Facial expressions and all. Such a cutie pie. Thanks for sharing all of those!

Cairo Typ0 said...
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Cairo Typ0 said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog. Your daughter is adorable! :) Now you just have to work on her choice in football teams. Go Bills! LOL :)