Monday, December 1, 2008

Monkey Joes and a Happy Thanksgiving

This is going to be a random and out of order post. Mainly because I have a horrible cold and I just don't have it in me to battle blogger getting these pictures in some sort of chronological order.

Fun times at the park. You know you live in Tennessee when your park is named Charlie Daniels

Addy has always hated swinging, it freaks her out. This day she ran right over to the swing, climbed in and swung blissfully for about 30 minutes.

I don't get this kid and her mood swings. One day we hate something, the next day it's the greatest thing ever. At least it keeps us on our toes!

Playing outside the church after Thanksgiving meal #1.

Nate has such a huge extended family (on both sides) that we have to rent out a church hall. We also have to eat two Thanksgiving meals that day which makes for a very long day and a very full belly. Let's just say Mary learned a few years ago to keep Tums in the car.

Addy playing with the extend-a-wall and wearing a fetching Indian headdress. Do all kids love these retractable walls? I remember being infatuated with them myself as a kid.

Uncle Lance showing Addy how to ride a trick properly.
I don't have an explanation for the crazy eyes. I think he just ate to many dumplings

Getting a lift from Cousin Emily who LOVED having her own real life baby to play with. Even though said real life baby is only a year and a half younger and a few inches shorter

Addy got a little possessive of the trike. When Aunt Christy tried to ride it Addy simply sat on the front wheel.

A rare picture of Mom and Addy. And we both have our eyes open!! Trust me this is as rare as spotting an elephant in the wild, in Tennessee

Messing around after a bath

Here's where the Monkey Joe portion of the title comes into play. Nashville finally got one! And we love it, we've been several times already and at $5 for all three of us to get in the price can't be beat.

The great thing about having a toddler? We didn't have any quarters and couldn't turn any of these rides on. No problem! Addy just turned the wheel, pushed the buttons and laughed away like it was the best toy ever.

When we took her back the second time we did have quarters so that's the last time we're going to get away with it. Now that she knows these things bounce and shake she's going to insist on the real deal.
Being bucked off by a killer whale. Literally, we both went flying. I almost torn my ACL again trying not to land on and crush Addy.

She's probably a bit to young for the bouncy part. She couldn't stand up at all and spent most of the time either flat on her back or scooting around on her butt. She loved it though. Everytime she fell down she would just roll around giggling.

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Joslin3 said...

cute little girl, mary! i had to laugh about the rides needing quarters. we went through the same thing. Although, the first time isaac put quarters in, Madeleine seemed totally unimpressed and actually climbed off and went to do something else while it was still going. ha.