Monday, January 5, 2009


Yes I feel very guilty that I haven't posted since Dec 1. There isn't a single picture of Addy up from Christmas, her visit to Mimi and Grandpa's or anything else for that matter. They exist, I promise. And soon they'll make it to the interweb
This was an odd holiday season. Intense spurts on insane activity interspersed with incredible laziness. There didn't seem to be a happy medium. Depending on the day I either didn't have time to load, proof and edit or just didn't feel like it as I was so luxuriously relaxed.
Either way I have been shamed and my first resolution for 2009 is to get pictures loaded before the end of the week. I promise. Unless it gets really busy again :)
The above is pretty much the only picture I have right now, since my dad took it. It's cute though isn't it? Three generations enjoying the day after Christmas at the beach. More to come very soon. Nate is going to the Titan's playoff game this Saturday and not taking me so his payback may be picture duty :)

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