Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas Parade

I'm going to have to do several Christmas posts just because there are so many cute pictures this year. I always marvel at how photogenic that child is.

This year we ventured out for the Mt Juliet Christmas parade. We had a blast but it was freezing!!

You know you live in Tennessee when the most popular "float" in the parade is a tricked out tractor
Addy was infatuated with the candy throwing aspect of parades. She ran out several times to grab some but only managed to grab one starlight mint. No worries though, she clutched that mint proudly all day and I found it in her pocket weeks later

Getting a better view. There were some crazy big kids who kept knocking her down and blocking her view.

Nate and I were both hysterical at the poor dog's expression on the "Spay Station" This same truck is frequently parked in front of our favorite Vietnamese restaurant. We're banking on there NOT being a connection there :)

Addy demonstrating her BRRRRR face. It was seriously freezing. About 20 degrees with a strong wind. Unfortunately about 4 days later she came down with pneumonia. Again, we're really hoping there wasn't a connection

These camels also cracked me up. They were on teeny little roller skate wheels. Probably fine for pulling a 40 pound wooden camel down the aisle at church. Not so much when battling it up our hills. The poor guys pulling them were just dying and you could hear them complaining from where we stood.

Addy and Aunt Kristen.

After the parade we had our annual "Gang Thanksgiving" Now that Kristen is back in school we rarely get to see her so Addy was thrilled.

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