Tuesday, April 7, 2009


A few months ago I posted a list of weird foods that Addy eats. Well last night we discovered the mother of them all. We went to Logans for dinner where they have peanuts everywhere and shells all over the floor. Addy grabbed a couple out of the big barrel but I wasn't really paying her much mind since she's never liked peanuts. All of the sudden I hear this big crunch. I look over and she's taken a huge bit out of the shell and is happily chewing away. THE SHELL!!! I gagged just watching her. I tried to make her spit it out with no luck. I finally had to fish around in her mouth and get the shell out since I figured a peanut shell couldn't be that healthy or good for the digestive tract.

Funnily enough I gave her a peanut a minute later (the nut part) to see if she had changed her mind about liking them. She gagged and spit it out. This kid is so awesomely weird :)

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Joslin3 said...

We need new pictures of your cute weirdo please :)