Monday, July 20, 2009

I MAY have forgotten I have a blog

Yeah, so it's been awhile since I posted to the blog eh? Since getting on Facebook I've been better about posting pictures in a timely manner and updating cute Addy-ism's, just not here. Since everyone who reads this blog is ALSO is a friend on Facebook it seemed a bit redundant. In fact I'll be very surprised with myself if I ever remember to post here again. If you read this and aren't a FB friend please just send me an invite. Life is just getting to hectic to post 3 different places.
Call it laziness if you will but I like to call it.......
Oh who am I kidding, it's laziness
Let's just say the name "The Stewart Report" may very soon be up for grabs :(

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William Haun said...

Come on... updates... PLEASE!