Thursday, June 5, 2008

A good cause

I don't normally push products but this was to good not to share. By buying one t-shirt you can feed a child in the Buduburam Refegee Camp in Ghana for a year. Whenever possible Nate and I buy products in which a portion of the proceeds will benefit someone else and this one is so close to home since I spent most of high school driving through and visiting Ghana.

Obviously the baby in the picture ISN'T Addy but you can be assured she'll be sporting her own version soon. That and the "War is Poop" shirt :)

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eagleton4 said...

Too cute. I'm so glad the proceeds will be helping our fellow Africans too. I just ordered my kids matching "Green Our Vaccines" t-shirts. We badly wanted to do the WA DC march with Jenny McCarthy & Jim Carrey, but the timing was bad. Anyways, Addy will be adorable in that shirt.