Friday, May 23, 2008

Photo Dump

I'm just going to do a photo dump. We leave for a week at the beach tomorrow and frankly I am to lazy to come up with post theme's and title's

Addy is pulling up and creeping on anything and everything. She'll stand unassisted too, but not on purpose. She'll get involved with something and not even realize that she's not holding onto anything. As soon as she does she sits down with a sign of relief that she didn't die. She's cautious like her Daddy!

See she'll pull up on anything. Even Mommy's knee. Notice the attractive blue knee brace? That's right, the fall while skiing resulted in a detached ACL. So guess who gets to look forward to knee surgery in July!

G'day Mate

As much as we miss Wednesday there's one thing that we could have lived without. Every time we turned around Addy would make a break for the kitchen.

Why you ask?

To eat dog food out of the bowl of course!!

At least she was polite and waited till Wednesday was done.

She was so proud of her pigtails that day. It was the first time I could scrape enough hair together to make two and she spent all day checking herself out in the mirror and fiddling with her hair

These USED to be put away in a basket. Once again you can't turn your back! She is quick!

Uncle John this is just for you. Our best friends, JJ and Kristin, got her a bunch of balls for her birthday. Out of a volleyball, basketball, softball and tennis balls my baby wanted to play with the soccer ball most


We've been spending a lot of time outside while Nate works on the yard. Not that nature particularly appeals to Addy. She is more of a techie.

Cameras, phones, remotes, keyboards. That's more her style right now.

She's actually called several people AND taken a couple of pictures already. But strangely enough she only takes pictures of herself. Vain little toot :)

Just a cute little girl, slathered in sunscreen, posing yet again. She's started putting her hand on her cheek and tilting her head to the side when she wants something. It's literally impossible to resist!!


Joslin3 said...

you sure made a cute little girl. props. :) I love her pig tails!

eagleton4 said...

She's such a cutie pie & I can tell just from the pictures that she's a pile of fun- like her mama. :) Can't wait to see your beach pics!