Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Random Cuteness

This is now officially my favorite picture of Addy. We were at Walmart and Nate ran into an old friend from high school. To kill time while he chatted Addy and I tried on all the glasses. We got some dirty looks and were eventually asked to leave but it was totally worth it to get this picture. I'm pretty sure my Mom had these exact same glasses around 1986.
A lazy morning. Sadly this was also a week day and we were wicked late to work. I couldn't wake them up though, they looked so sweet.
Playing in the yard and wearing every color of the rainbow. Gotta love laundry day!! You can't see but she was also wearing purple shoes, just to complete the total lack of coordinating colors.
Addy LOVES to carry her lunch bag. In fact, heaven help the person who doesn't let her carry it to the car and into school. She starts yelling BAG, BAG the second we get ready to leave and clutches it to her chest in the car seat.

Showing off her pretty new dress.


The Five Marines said...

soooo precious!! what a cute little famille! I can't believe you were actually asked to leave after trying on all the glasses - how rude - do people not have any understanding of kids anymore?!?

malinda said...

I really love that red and white dress... where did you get it?
Getting kicked out of Wal-Mart - I didnt even know such a thing was possible. I like seeing the pics of your beautiful little girl!

eagleton4 said...

She's such a cutie pie. I love the one with the glasses. And she sounds like Kiley with the lunch bag thing- don't you love how independent they become over night?