Saturday, October 25, 2008

6 and 0!!!!!!!!!

Yeah so if you haven't heard our Titans are 6 and 0!!!!!! And the only undefeated team in the NFL. Going to the game is always awesome but even more so when we're winning!!!!

We had the chance to go to the game against the Vikings several weeks ago where we trounced them!!!! It was a thing of beauty made even better by the fact that we were surrounded by trash talking Vikings fans who quickly had to eat their words.

Lance and Jess got the tickets and let us tag along. Now those are friends!! As usual we screamed, yelled, made fools of ourselves and had a great time!

We've been fans for 10 years, and stuck with them through thick and thin. And boy is it nice to finally be having a winning season! 10 years has finally paid off!

This picture has no point, other than the fact that I love the Batman building on the far left. We've moved away from Nashville several times and every time we come back, either to live or visit the Batman building is the first landmark I look for when we drive into town.

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