Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Third Foodie

Anyone who knows Nate and I knows that we are die-hard foodies. We love to try new things and are always the first to dive into a strange new dish. The more eclectic the better! Obviously we've tried to introduce Addy to as many of those same foods as we can. And let me tell you this kid is weird.

She HATES sugar of any kind. In fact give her a cookie and she'll gag and spit it out on the floor. She never had a bite of her first birthday cake, we totally faked the picture by smearing cake on her face. And the list of foods she does like is even stranger for your typical 20 month old. In the interest of remembering as my brain gets feebler and feebler I decided to write down the list of things she's loved so far
- Hummus
- Salt and Vinegar potato chips, I gave her one of those hoping to get a great face out of her and instead created a monster.
- Artichoke hearts
- Steamed carrots, she eats so many steamed carrots I'm afraid she might turn orange. In fact who has heard of a kid that considers extra carrots a treat?
- Pasta covered in creamed spinach
-Blue cheese, both in dressing form and consumed straight. I almost fell out of my chair when I caught her sneaking chunks of blue cheese off my plate at the restaurant
- Mushrooms
- Gorgonzola, the strange thing is she won't touch cheddar cheese (especially not those digusting slices that aren't even cheese) but LOVES the stinky french cheeses
- Baked pita chips
- Salad, what kid likes salad! I didn't like salad until high school at least
- Black olives
- Sushi, not sashimi though, we're not that bad. But I don't think its going to be a big leap for her. As soon as the doctor okays the raw fish I have a feeling she'll jump right in
-Balsamic vinaigrette dressing
- Asparagus
I'm sure that list will grow as time goes on and I can't wait to let her try more and more stuff. Is it to early for Pho? Ethiopian food? A little fufu and sauce!!! Thank goodness we didn't get a picky eater! Well not in the normal sense. She'll get stuck and only eat one thing for awhile but unlike normal kids she gets stuck on things like grilled fish and broccoli, or chicken and peas. No chicken fingers, hot dogs or french fries in our house!!!

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Brooke said...

that is hilarious. My kid is such a picky eater! He won't even try things. So frustrating. Count yourself lucky!