Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween 2008

Getting ready to head out.

Thankfully it was an unseasonably warm so she didn't look like an Arctic Fairy Princess

So excited!! No clue why but we're very excited!

Speaking of Fairy Princesses it was clearly the costume du jour. We went trick or treating with our immediate neighbors, about 6 kids in all and 3 of them were Fairy Princesses.

Addy was just excited to hang out with the big kids. She's hoping this gets her in with the gang so she can start playing with the neighbor's motorized jeep.

She tried so valiantly to keep up with the other kids but those short legs were just no match for 6 year olds hopped up on sugar and screaming and running from house to house. She was a real trooper though.

She made it to about 5 houses and carried her own pail the whole way.

She was so excited that at times I was running to keep up. Well not running exactly, but limping with purpose at top speed.

We have GOT to get some streetlights in our neighborhood. I never realized before how pitch black it is out there. Very spooky :)

We have a REALLY hilly neighborhood and while going down the hill was no problem hoofing it back up proved to be more than she could handle. Thankfully Daddy is always around to give a hand.

Whew, that's a big hill

"Seriously, I'm getting winded here!"

"My back! My neck and my back!"

Finally home!!

Okay, everyone knows of course that Nate was just goofing off and those pictures are all staged. We're weird like that. Addy didn't though. She was very concerned about Nate and kept poking him with her wand to get him up.

"Okay, I put a bunch of stuff in this bucket. What exactly was it?"

She got a decent haul but still doesn't like sugar. I gave her a small bite of chocolate and she of course gagged and spit it out.

However the grape sucker was a HUGE hit!

This is literally the first piece of candy she's ever eaten and even that she didn't finish. Nate found it later hanging off the back of her head :)

She did get a nice little sugar buzz off the 9 licks though. I'm really hoping this anti-sugar stand lasts.

She spent most of the night (and the rest of the weekend) taking all the candy out of the pail, lining it up on the table and then putting it all back in. Who knew that mini snickers would be such an engaging toy! And surprisingly low cal when you don't eat any of them!

Days later she is still dragging her candy around. She won't eat it but does gnaw on it through the wrapper. And she's all about sharing. I can't count the number of pieces of soggy wrapped candy I've been handed over the last few days.

All in all Halloween gets a big thumbs up from Addy. It was so fun to watch her experience everything for the first time. She was so grown up too. She ran up to each house, grabbed her own candy out of the bowl and said "thank you" almost every time. We just get prouder and prouder and she gets cuter and cuter!!


malinda said...

She is adorable. I love all the pictures! Katie is playing with her candy too. Only difference- she doesnt mind eating it!

eagleton4 said...

What an adorable little princess! Her anti-candy phase is wonderful too- Cody is the same way. He throws a fit when he runs out of broccoli but gags on cake. I guess it's a good problem? :)
love you guys!