Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Countdown to Tootatootoo

Addy was ALL about Halloween this year. From the costume to carving pumpkins to trick or treating she had a blast. We tried to teach her to say "Trick or Treat" but the closest she ever got was Tootatootoo!

The first time we put Addy's costume on, several weeks before Halloween, she totally freaked out. She kept yanking on the skirt, twisting around to pull on the wings and eventually threw herself to the floor in a dramatic fashion crying "No Mama NO!" Imagine my surprise when a few days later she came trotting into the living room clutching the costume asking to put it on. I put it on over her PJ's and it was an instant hit.

Wearing her costume over her clothes was a theme repeated many many times over the ensuing weeks.

I am VERY happy to say that since this picture we installed a new screen door. Needless to say it was needed.

Helping Daddy clean out the pumpkins. She wouldn't put her hand into the pumpkin but loved playing with the seeds and goop after Nate pulled it out.

The finished pumpkins. We had a "Nightmare before Christmas" theme this year and they turned out awesome. There was an attempt at a Joker pumpkin to but it didn't really work. I guess some things just don't translate into fine pumpkin art.

Jack Skellington, Addy's favorite. Every time she walks past she gives Jack a pat on the head.

This is her little sleep mat from school. They send them home every Friday to be washed. This particular Saturday she unrolled her mat all by herself, spread it out on the floor, covered herself up and pretended to sleep. Being cute and entertaining all the time is exhausting! She also laid several stuffed animals on the mat and covered them up. I missed that picture though since she had stolen the camera and run away with it. She REALLY has a thing for cameras

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