Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Weekend of First's

Addy's birthday and Easter fell within a week of each other this year. Saturday before Easter we figured it was time for that first haircut. So we loaded up the Adster in her forward facing car seat for the first time and hit the road! Babies have to be 20 pounds and one year old before they can face forward. We hit the 20 pound mark several months ago and have been waiting impatiently for that one year mark.

That girl loves facing forward now! I have just about driven off the road a couple of times looking at her in the rear view mirror. I love being able to see her face. She points at everything out the window and just babbles away. She looks like such a big girl now

Snipping that first beautiful lock

She did great getting her hair cut, no fussing or head jerking with this one!! Of course the haircut was horrible and she ended up looking like a monk but she can pull it off. I was more traumatized than anyone and for some reason mourned that baby hair for several days. It needed to be done though, her bangs kept poking her in the eyes and she had a strange mullet thing going on in the back


Joslin3 said...

what a big girl :)

eagleton4 said...

I bawled when Cody had his first haircut. It's so sad. It's like they're officially big kids after that first haircut. She's adorable Mary!