Tuesday, April 1, 2008


This was actually Addy's second Easter. Of course she was only 2 weeks old the first time so we were a little more aware of what was going on this time! She did get to experience her first carton of Cascarones. In South Texas and Mexico its a tradition to fill Easter eggs with confetti and break them over peoples heads. It's meant to bring good luck. Mom sends a carton to all our cousins with kids and this was the first year that we got included! I think Nate and I had more fun with them, Addy was pretty much just confused but at least she'll have good luck this year!! We're also hoping the dye on the eggs isn't toxic since Wednesday the wonder weenie ate quite a few of the shells.

Notice the monk haircut? I told you it was bad!!

We also did Easter lunch at Nate's grandparents. Addy LOVED her first Easter basket. All of the eggs were filled with puffs (2008 version of cheerios). I emptied the puffs into Tupperware and put the empty eggs in her playroom as toys. Every couple of days I catch her prying one of the eggs open and licking the puff dust out :)

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