Tuesday, April 1, 2008


No question marks in that title! She is crawling, full stop. I fell asleep one night with a cuddly sweet baby and woke up with a full blown toddler. And of course the second she mastered the crawling thing she also mastered pulling up and creeping.

This new skill also allowed me to experience the most terrifying 15 minutes of my life. I have been so used to setting her down in the living room when I have to run to another room. Other than her screaming "Mama, Mama, Mama" non-stop the whole time it worked well. I always knew she would be sitting in the exact same spot waiting for me. Until a couple of weeks ago. I came back into the living room, no Addy. Looked in the kitchen (she loves the garbage can) no Addy. I double checked our bedroom, no Addy. Under the piano in the dog's bed? No Addy. Her bed room? The spare room? No Addy, no Addy. I was starting to panic, our house isn't THAT big and I had looked everywhere she could feasibly crawl. I had even checked outside and upstairs. No Addy!!!! Finally, seconds from calling the cops to report a very quiet, very quick kidnapper I heard a little voice triumphantly call MAMA! That little toot was hiding behind the bed in the spare room happily chewing on a hair bow. I'm several years older and we learned a very important lesson, keep a bell on the baby :)

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