Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A year old?!?!

I can't believe our sweet baby is a year old. It literally feels like a couple of weeks ago that she was a tiny, red, bundled up wad that slept all the time. How quickly it went. We have pictures of her actual Birthday but Nate hasn't had a chance to do the red eye magic thing so we're going to save that post for another day. These are some of her favorite things at one year. Next year she'll probably want to drive the car and wear makeup. Must remember these cute innocent days.

Her Nana got her a rocking elephant for her birthday. She likes riding him but LOVES talking to him. They've had some pretty extensive conversations
If you push the elephants ear it makes this trumpeting sound. Linda and I both think it sounds more like one of those scary Halloween dummies that screams. Right after this picture was taken I pushed the ear and it startled her so badly she fell off. We don't do the ear thing anymore :)

If I need a few minutes of peace all I have to do is put a paper towel on the couch. She'll crawl right over, pull herself up and spend several minutes tearing it into tiny little pieces. The only problem with this game is that she then tries to feed the paper towel pieces to the dog. Wouldn't be an issue if the dog wasn't stupid enough to actually eat them!!

Her new fascination is bubbles. Can't get enough of them. She'll pull the bubbles out of her toy box and hold up the bottle until someone starts blowing them for her. We've blown so many bubbles in the last few weeks that we had to buy her a bubble gun. We were getting out of breath.

She spent days before this picture trying to catch one. We got the cheap ones at Big Lots so they pop pretty easily

Needless to say she gets quite upset when they do pop!!


4marines said...

Happy 1st b-day Addy, and so fun to catch up with your little famille via pics!! Glad you guys finally got a vacation and are all doing well!

Joslin3 said...

Mary, Addy looks so much like your mom to me. Do you think so? She's gotten so big. Doesn't time fly? Enjoy your toddler:)

The Stewart Report said...

You know Laura, you're like the third person this month to say she looks like my Mom and I'm totally starting to see it too. Yeah!! I can't think of a person I'd rather she take after :)

eagleton4 said...

I think she looks so much like YOU Mary. What a cutie pie! I really really want to meet her one of these days.